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I think this could be a problem…

If only I was so attached to going to the gym!  I didn’t write yesterday morning and I really missed it!  Initially just sidetracked, and then a plan formed for a little something different – it was a really bad … Continue reading

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Being a foster mom…

A student of mine and future friend I believe were talking in class about the issue of abortion…how perhaps opposing sides are having the wrong conversation…who isn’t in favor of life???  Who IS in favor of abortion???  What we might … Continue reading

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I need to put myself in time out…

MC I just sputter…I laugh verging on that scary crazy laugh…and I stare and try to process…is he serious???  He is doing this intentionally I think…how can that be because he is only 5???  He’s pushing Mommy round the bend!!!  … Continue reading

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I have a problem…and I’m not afraid to admit it!

Here it is: I AM A TERRIBLE CAR PURCHASER!  AND MY MR.Z IS JUST AS TERRIBLE, or perhaps just BAD but somehow TERRIBLE with my influence!  I don’t know how it happened…I didn’t grow up in that kind of family…they … Continue reading

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Are you really going to eat that? Do you know what is IN that?

I have this idea in my head of how I would like my world to be…food has plenty to do with this idea – perhaps that is an issue I should look into:)  Not really, though…I enjoy creating and being … Continue reading

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I’m over the, umm, vampire thing…

This has been on my mind…wasn’t really brave enough to share…but here I go! I was lured into reading Twilight  by Stephanie Meyer(young adult vampire love story made into a movie in case you missed it somehow) by a friend … Continue reading

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Good thing I didn’t close the paper!

Reading the newspaper is a struggle for me… Sitting uninterrupted only happens at this time in the wee hours and there are just so many great things to choose from for my golden moments:)  Then, if I do choose to … Continue reading

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