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I have a problem…and I’m not afraid to admit it!

Here it is: I AM A TERRIBLE CAR PURCHASER!  AND MY MR.Z IS JUST AS TERRIBLE, or perhaps just BAD but somehow TERRIBLE with my influence!  I don’t know how it happened…I didn’t grow up in that kind of family…they … Continue reading

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Are you really going to eat that? Do you know what is IN that?

I have this idea in my head of how I would like my world to be…food has plenty to do with this idea – perhaps that is an issue I should look into:)  Not really, though…I enjoy creating and being … Continue reading

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I’m over the, umm, vampire thing…

This has been on my mind…wasn’t really brave enough to share…but here I go! I was lured into reading Twilight  by Stephanie Meyer(young adult vampire love story made into a movie in case you missed it somehow) by a friend … Continue reading

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Good thing I didn’t close the paper!

Reading the newspaper is a struggle for me… Sitting uninterrupted only happens at this time in the wee hours and there are just so many great things to choose from for my golden moments:)  Then, if I do choose to … Continue reading

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On the road again…

Here we are…the dawn of a new day…my dog “the pug” as the boys call her snoring away…and it is time for CNN and MC to head back to school.  The winter break wasn’t as long and awful as I was … Continue reading

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ENOUGH! She said to herself in a very uppity tone…

Here I am…coffee in hand…a VERY late start to the day for me (good reason, BB has a nasty cold and if I get up…he gets up – out of our bed YES – don’t even start – I KNOW … Continue reading

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Damn Brisket

okay – Mr.Z saw the blog and didn’t particularly love reading my perspective without his sayso in there… I happened to slow cook a brisket yesterday for like 5 hours so it would just fall apart…AND…it.didn’t.  Mr.Z. politely declined sandwiches … Continue reading

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Separate but equal?? No, no, no Mr.Z…

So here’s an awesome benefit…Mr. Z. hasn’t seen my blog yet!  he he!  I will let him see it, but I wanted to get rollin’ first because in his mind if you are doing something on the internet, you should … Continue reading

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It’s okay to say penis, but enough already…

So, I understand that boys love  their penis. Fascinating and all that…I try to be a supportive mom…no yelling that they will go to hell…or that’s wrong or bad or anything…I just say(about a zillion times a day) HELLO room … Continue reading

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Resolution for a thoughtful Revolution

My body is a protective capsule for my amazing spirit. “Wake me when there’s been a revolution in your heart.” I have a t shirt with that lovely phrase and I just adore it. What I was reminded of at the … Continue reading

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