Oh la la Recipes

It seems I have evolved again. Here’s the truth…I only read directions if I must. I do read recipes and then I ignore some of it maybe. Much of the time in the kitchen I just make stuff up. Then, someone wants to know how I made that and I couldn’t really say because it is never exactly the same twice. I am like my Grandma in that way (but I don’t do strange concoctions;).
Lately I will be reading juicing recipes because food just doesn’t seem really interesting. Juice? THAT is like a mainline of awesome right into your body:)


Love this Bruschetta!!!

It is summertime and the bruschetta meals have begun.  I love it so much.  So easy to toss together!!!  Hardly a recipe…in fact, the way I just throw stuff together it is really false advertising to say that there are really recipes on this page at all.  If it looks like a recipe, I probably made it up after I just threw stuff together in the kitchen;)  For this beauty, I chopped a tomato, threw in minced garlic, a spoonful of pesto, salt, pepper, and grated some parmesan to finish it off.  Then I took three slices of baguette and toasted them in olive oil in a pan.  Throw it all together and it is totally a something very amazing in your mouth.

Caramelized onion and goat cheese tart

This was pretty amazing too.  I was on a roll today friends!  I got the savory tart dough recipe from the William Sonoma website, easy but you need chill time for the dough which I don’t always plan for…anyhoo…caramelized onions and then put on rolled out tart dough, added some minced garlic, pepper, parsley, and goat cheese and baked at 400 degrees for 30 minutes – oh! after I crimped the edge and brushed with egg of course;)  It was amazing and delicous too!

Pretty awesome chicken and spinach!

this is so simple and probably the most tender and flavorful chicken I’ve had!!
take skinless boneless chicken breasts and pound them with a tenderizer until they are about 1/2 inch thick…then marinate in a dash or two of lemon juice, olive oil – 1/2 C or so, a heaping spoon of minced garlic, salt, and pepper…marinate for about 20 minutes or however long you have…
have washed fresh spinach on standby!
with a good hot skillet and a touch of olive oil, toss that chicken right in there…doesn’t take long – browned on each side and no pink in the middle!
after chicken is done, set aside and cover…
scrape all the “bits’ off the bottom of the pan and then throw all that spinach in there…cover for about two minutes…toss well and cover with all that awesome flavor…
serve chicken breast smothered in this rockin spinach
this is my cousin Kirstin’s recipe – I was skeptical at first but my oh my is it yummy, easy AND good for you!
mmmm pierogies!
okay…this is a short cut and perhaps a bit thinner than the real thing, but SO fast and I must say yum yum yummy!
get yerself a package of wonton rappers at your local grocery, whip up some out of the package mashed potatoes…add whatever you like…sour cream, cheese, a bit of chopped onion…then you take an egg and whip it up in a little dish and get a little brush of some kind…then take your little wonton square and brush the edges of the square with egg, drop a bit of filling, fold diagonally, smoosh edges with finger or fork or yes, the ravioli cutter if you have one, but then you loose a bit of pasta stuff!  this is piddley, so have a little drink and some nice music or conversation while you do it…
some time in here put on a pot of water to boil…I like to add a bit of olive oil and sea salt to it…when the water is boiling, gently place the little packages you’ve made down in the water…it only takes a couple minutes…when they are done they will float…I also like to make a brown butter sage sauce to put over them…brown butter in a little pan and put a fresh sage leaf in…remove before serving!!
You can do a similar process to make any kind of ravioli – pretty easy and so delicious!!!  Who needs a pasta machine??? so why did I buy that again???

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