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We teach and guide and support and hope for the best… for success and happiness. Manners, concepts, songs, simple tasks… We teach many many things. Today, you taught me… the most beautiful lesson I might ever see you master… is … Continue reading

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Want to change the world?

This just came to me… It’s an easy thing really. Want to make a difference? Help a kid out? Build self esteem? Teach empathy? Here it is: Eliminate every situation EVER where we pick partners, groups, or teams. It is … Continue reading

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Flippin Clippers

grrrrrr… Is a haircut really such a big deal? yes. I KNOW! It’s just…we get to this point where it is TOTALLY time to either trim or braid or something. They HATE combing/brushing…anything. ok. I get it. I retired the … Continue reading

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