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Tenacious D

How many times are we going to do this? Really? This dance, you and I… I say go You say no I put you out You beat on the door I stand firm You make a racket Barry the … Continue reading

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So many monikers for one silly girl

 I should have seen it coming… Foreshadowed early on. I did not like my name. Ordinary. Plain. I wanted a different middle name, so I could go by PJ…mama said daddy SPECIFICALLY chose the middle name, so NO ONE could … Continue reading

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Side by Side

Pull up a chair Make yourself comfortable Rest your worries at your feet Surrounded by the beauty of shared silence or Lovingly distracted by stories spun to de-stress and delight I am here and all will be well.

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Assets and Liabilities

How is it My assets Become your liabilities? Zero balance. Nothing to draw from. Repeated inquiries Do not change the sum. Ever the libra Seeking justice; balance. She smiles…content When she sees the bottom line.

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Nature beware.

My track record with nature is really not so great.  I guess you could say animals, specifically.  Oh, sometimes I get it right.  More often than not, I have a swing and a miss though. When I was in college, … Continue reading

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Who are you and what have you done with DarmaZ?

Mr. Z is a little put out. I can’t say that I blame him. He didn’t know the version of me that worked out for hours and hours, and then could take from 5 minutes to two hours to get … Continue reading

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Oh Lenny

Who knew he did techno? Is there anything he doesn’t wear well? my my my Might want to check out the other version…a bit too much for this little spot here;)

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