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Blind Faith

Things can sure get crazy around here. This dance the kids do…they each have this choreographed part.  They have written a part for me as well…their dad too.  Mr. Z is a bit more cooperative than I because he usually … Continue reading

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Reality Check

So… Tuesday was pretty tough (and I don’t think it was all about Zumba withdrawl – although I’m quite sure Zumba would have helped!). I was slapped in the face with the reality that my beautiful children have been through … Continue reading

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Adoption Plea

This was posted by a friend on Facebook…I don’t believe that adoption is for everyone…but if you’re contemplating…it’s really worth thinking about…certainly the very best thing I have ever done – the best blessing I’ve ever known:) “I understand that … Continue reading

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As the dust settles from such a fine day…

I was wondering why I was spending time on my silly video when the thoughts rolling around in my head were so very serious and inconclusive… I guess they needed to “stew” awhile longer… When my husband and I were … Continue reading

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Being a foster mom…

A student of mine and future friend I believe were talking in class about the issue of abortion…how perhaps opposing sides are having the wrong conversation…who isn’t in favor of life???  Who IS in favor of abortion???  What we might … Continue reading

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