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If YOU were a chair, what chair might you be?

Some time ago I happened across this designer, Kelee Katilac (you would think Kelly Cadillac, but no) ( I read an article about her and how she got into her business. I was interested because I heard about her first … Continue reading

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BB and My Worries

I have a friend…who had a friend die recently. Long courageous battle with cancer. She was a mom. It is removed from me, and still I can’t really think about it. Hits way too close to my greatest fear. Many … Continue reading

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Here’s the thing…

I have too many books.

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The Sleep Thing…

I have said before that I have a “thing” about some things. Sleep might be one of them…or…my bed…or something in this general category. When I was little, the “thing” shifted. ALWAYS sleeping under covers was a constant, because the … Continue reading

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A Series of Events (that collectively might seem unfortunate)

I was just contemplating my day on my evening power walk. I was stuck on the moment prior to my walk, where I came out my front door to begin and found myself up close and personal with blades of … Continue reading

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I am a bird killer.

This post does not need a photo…further, it SHOULD NOT have a photo. The photo where there is this lone little feather stuck to the grill of my van as my cousin takes care of the mess just isn’t required. … Continue reading

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Umm, no.

It is not possible to choose a commando lifestyle at age 7. no.

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