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Prepare yourself!

Yesterday… In the midst of a beautiful afternoon of playtime… MC comes running towards me… Carrying the tallest dandelion I have ever seen. Over a foot, to be sure! He yells, as he is approaching, “PREPARE YOURSELF FOR THE TICKLER … Continue reading

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I get up. I make coffee. I read my horoscopes (yes, more than one…cross referencing you know?). It is silly. I know this. If I like what they say, then of course they are brilliant. If not, then I find … Continue reading

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Pile up!

Much traffic in my head. Much to post…should be grading essays. Ever the balance seeking libra… I will make do with a list for now. 1. John Mayer’s most recent album is amazing and how can his voice just wrap … Continue reading

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How is a girl supposed to get anything done with such beauty a few short moments away? Exactly!

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Would you?

This does not work for me. Do you remember Ally? I loved her. Loved the show. So many scenes in this unisex bathroom. Kind of freaks me out – eeeesh. There is a p0int… At one of my observation … Continue reading

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Oh boy! (otherwise known as the blue toile incident)

I like a challenge. Good to have new adventures to keep me on my toes. Some might think I make stuff up… I do – but only the stuff that sounds like wise advice. Kid stories?  Total gospel every.time. We … Continue reading

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Show Up

CNN really loves going to church. She loves the dresses, the music, the community…all of it. And so, for Easter…for my daughter (and myself too I guess)…we went to church with friends. CNN, BB and I headed for Westport to … Continue reading

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Z Rise

“He is risen.” “May the road rise up to meet you.” A state of enlightenment. “And still I rise.” It is that time of year… wake up…face to the sun…bloom…grow breathe give thanks. No one can say it like Dr. … Continue reading

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It seems I am not done with the polite/proper/crazy conversation! It was race day. I was in the midst of running 13.1 miles! There is a break station about every two miles. You stop in, grab a drink, drop it … Continue reading

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Thanks, really.

Dear kind gentlemen, It was ever so thoughtful of you… This evening As you cruised by In the Target parking lot to “holla” at this mama pushing a cart of loot…with a hula hoop balanced on top I felt your … Continue reading

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