My Favorite Things!

I think I do still have favorite things. I am sad that I lost track of Mr. Hall. For quite some time I have enjoyed the Kirklands organic salsa from Costco, but that is not buying local:(
Right now my favorite things are fewer things (except art supplies).

This is a little of everything – the first thing on my list is a salsa I bought from C.M. Hall at Roefest this last fall.  I am totally addicted and the mild is plenty hot!  He makes it in his home in Prairie Village ,KS 913-548-3456  Halls Salsa! MMMMMMMMMMMMMM

HOT Shoes!!

107-gal-farrah-flat_75In a previous life I would have BURNED UP THE KEYBOARD ordering these babies!  I have love at first sight with things sometimes:)  I’m grown up enough to admire longingly and just wait until they magically appear before me someday on a rack at Marshalls…have I told you how I love Marshalls?

My glass sculpture(PulseFlow by artist Vernon Brejcha) photos…I find his work exquisite and just looking at the photos makes me happy!


My Free bag I got at World Market a few weeks ago!  Such great colors! – didn’t find a photo, but in looking for it found two websites for free things! and – check it out!!

3-31-09  check out these rain boots – I’d be hoping for rain:)

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