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As the dust settles from such a fine day…

I was wondering why I was spending time on my silly video when the thoughts rolling around in my head were so very serious and inconclusive… I guess they needed to “stew” awhile longer… When my husband and I were … Continue reading

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Trouble with a little thing rhyming with schmopyright!

So I was so excited at my cleverness to figure out my computer software, and to video and upload the new puppy, and how funny it strikes me that a big, round, melt your heart pug boy would be named … Continue reading

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Barry the Love Pug

can you tell how we’ve been spending our time???

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Ahh finally for a bit of sledding

So it was pretty much the right combination of snow and sun and temperature for a bit of sledding  beside the house…it is a wimpy hill… but enough that if we pack it down good, they can fly all the … Continue reading

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I love my puggy

Ohh my Maxee girl!  She is gray around the edges and has a hitch in her walk every now and then…her world is quite peaceful now that she can’t hear a thing…took a long time to figure out she was … Continue reading

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My foster daughter

I am so grateful that MJ has continued to be a part of our lives.  There is a price for the joy though.  She will be two in about a month, and I think as she gets older it might … Continue reading

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I LOVE Julia Cameron!!!

Do you know her???  Are you familiar with her work???  She wrote The Artist’s Way and so many other books…wonderful books!   I can’t wait to dig in further!  I wish I’d had this book last semester…I would have incorporated it … Continue reading

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I think this could be a problem…

If only I was so attached to going to the gym!  I didn’t write yesterday morning and I really missed it!  Initially just sidetracked, and then a plan formed for a little something different – it was a really bad … Continue reading

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Being a foster mom…

A student of mine and future friend I believe were talking in class about the issue of abortion…how perhaps opposing sides are having the wrong conversation…who isn’t in favor of life???  Who IS in favor of abortion???  What we might … Continue reading

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I need to put myself in time out…

MC I just sputter…I laugh verging on that scary crazy laugh…and I stare and try to process…is he serious???  He is doing this intentionally I think…how can that be because he is only 5???  He’s pushing Mommy round the bend!!!  … Continue reading

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