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Free to be you…kinda

I like to think I am a very open minded person.  I try to support the interests of my children.  I let them choose their clothes, etc.  I don’t even fuss when they proclaim to be a KU fan and … Continue reading

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It’s a wrap.

At the end of this fine Saturday in cold ass February (come on, it’s true), I reflect on key attributes of good from today. They are: I signed up for a new painting workshop. I returned yoga pants where the … Continue reading

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Dating ( Totally the D Word)

I have been happily divorced for over three years.  Three years ago, one of my adorable children (who shall remain nameless) told me ever so casually that if I dated someone they would kick them in the nuts.  First I … Continue reading

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2014, You Will Be My October

I have a really good feeling about this year.  I do. It isn’t my typical rose colored glasses silver lining state of being either.  It is a practice of writing and noticing and looking back to see the power of … Continue reading

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I think it is pretty interesting to hear my kids talk about fame and popularity.  Odd…what people are drawn to, don’t you think? I didn’t have posters of people I didn’t know that I was crazy about growing up.  I … Continue reading

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Oh How You Settle My Nerves

Dear Target, I am ever grateful for my shopping experience. I only started my Christmas shopping yesterday. It seems Christmas will come whether I tackle the list or not, so I might as well. Don’t get me wrong, we are … Continue reading

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Time again…

I break rules quite often…when it makes sense anyway.  Not speeding ( well, not usually), certainly not littering, name calling is kept to a minimum, but the purpose of each type of social media seems a bit insignificant to me so … Continue reading

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Want to change the world?

This just came to me… It’s an easy thing really. Want to make a difference? Help a kid out? Build self esteem? Teach empathy? Here it is: Eliminate every situation EVER where we pick partners, groups, or teams. It is … Continue reading

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I’m Concerned

How often does a problem go unnoticed until it invades our personal world…our comfort zone? A lot I suppose. My world has been full of young people and urban education and democracy and social justice for many many years. This … Continue reading

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Oh bother!

I broke my once a month pattern. There was no post for October. This is not ok. I love October…don’t you? Time to post in a habitual, chronic sort of way I think. For today, I am wondering about this … Continue reading

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