I think it is pretty interesting to hear my kids talk about fame and popularity.  Odd…what people are drawn to, don’t you think?
I didn’t have posters of people I didn’t know that I was crazy about growing up.  I wasn’t anyone’s screaming fan.  My brushes with well known people were interesting.  Diana Ross was about 4 feet from me at one of my first concerts.  She was this tiny little powerhouse and I was totally overwhelmed.  A few years later Sammy Hagar high fived my right hand when he was with Van Halen and I was right up front.  It would have been awesome all around if I hadn’t shortly after felt a foreign warm sensation down my leg.  I’m sure no one heard me yelling about the nasty so and so that just did that.  Seriously??  Years later again, I was waiting to return from a conference in Florida (teachers used to get to travel…crazy, huh?).  We were at the airport and saw this adorable friendly couple board ahead of everyone.  That handsome fella looked so familiar and yet I just couldn’t place him.  Later, I saw a magazine cover and realized it had been Usher.  🙂  My son told me he met John Scena (did I spell his name right?) at 7 eleven last year but he forgot about it.  His dad verified this story.  I love that he forgot about it.
Here is the thing…the things that make me giddy are sort of silly maybe.  Intellect and living with a connected greater purpose is just so appealing.  Here are the things that have sort of taken my breath away:
“Lee Minh Wah has accepted your friend request.”
“Jonathan Kozol has accepted your friend request”
I got to hug Jen Hatmaker and give her a bracelet I made for her.
A basketball player I didn’t even know took the time to message back with kind words about my son and anxiety.
Hearing Dr. Maya Angelou speak was amazing…I felt her words all the way to the tips of my toes.
Good memories.

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Midwestern girl who loves big city shopping (note - do not love high heels of any kind) * hate to say that first because I fancy myself a yoga chic too who is into feng shui and a minimalist life but it's just not all true!* I do forget to recycle* LOVE reading and music and most things crafty (the idea of them - very fickle and creative urges come and go faster than light or sound)* Grand chef and baker in my own mind and kitchen - love to mix and match recipes for a glorious new concoction* Gardening would be very successful - I have a flair but short attention span can cause casualties* True bliss is my home filled with three beautiful children (four on the weekends - an amazing Goddaughter)* did forget to feed the beautiful children lunch once when they were too small to remind me* can't find socks for all on some crazy mornings* I'm a learner who just can't help it...a writer in my head, and a college instructor for a half dozen classes a year* can't help my right brain optimism* been a foster mom* am a very grateful mom of adopted children* worst life moment: leaving the E.R. with an empty baby carrier* this is me...pretty much
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2 Responses to Famous

  1. Oooooh, Jonathan Kozol. Very cool!I recently met an idol who proved to be a lovely, gentle guy still working …news photographer David Burnett. You’ve seen his images everywhere for decades. That was a thrill.

    • attraversiamodarmaz says:

      He is this gentle, fierce force to be reckoned with…and he was friends with Mr. Rogers 🙂 I’ll have to look up his work so I know it when I see it!

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