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The Greatest Gift in the History of Ever

I was so excited this year that we raced home ahead of ice and snow to arrive safely for Christmas at Mom and Dad’s.  I know we would survive if weather or sickness kept us in KC, but I’m sure … Continue reading

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I Want to Hold Your Hand

Sometimes I get creatively stuck on repeat.  It isn’t always a bad thing.  I love each creative process.  Often I also enjoy photography of the process and the product which sometimes I like better than the product itself.  Sometimes there … Continue reading

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I think it is pretty interesting to hear my kids talk about fame and popularity.  Odd…what people are drawn to, don’t you think? I didn’t have posters of people I didn’t know that I was crazy about growing up.  I … Continue reading

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Crazy Little Thing Called Love

Sometimes it just takes a string of interesting chain reactions to cause me to pause and wonder just how off we are around here…in a good way this time…I think. We love big and loud and maybe overwhelming sometimes.  Pretty … Continue reading

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In the Wee Small Hours of the Morning

Hot tea. Morning pages. Twinkling lights. Smooth jazz Christmas. Creative journal. For all the noise in my head and around me all through my days, they each start in such a lovely tranquil way. I could linger here for … Continue reading

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I get lost sometimes… In a book In my closet In a project In my worries you know what I mean? If I’m not paying attention, time can just slip right by. This is why I make a lot of … Continue reading

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I’ve Got to KIll Santa

It’s true.  I do. I really don’t want to, but I might be a tiny bit relieved. I am not sneaky…not at all. I don’t care for dishonesty even for a magical reason. I am always honest with my kids, … Continue reading

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Oh How You Settle My Nerves

Dear Target, I am ever grateful for my shopping experience. I only started my Christmas shopping yesterday. It seems Christmas will come whether I tackle the list or not, so I might as well. Don’t get me wrong, we are … Continue reading

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Bless Your Heart

I tell you what…my child knows just what to say…just the words to make his mama’s heart soar.  He saw me working on this Which turned into this I was telling him about two different times in my life when … Continue reading

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Just because

Sometimes my ideas are so silly.  Sometimes they are insanely time consuming.  Sometimes they don’t work out.  When they DO work out?  There is a beautiful happy dance in my brain and joy every time I think of it!  I … Continue reading

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