I get lost sometimes…
In a book
In my closet
In a project
In my worries
you know what I mean?
If I’m not paying attention, time can just slip right by. This is why I make a lot of lists…and schedules…and goals. September was sort of a blur, so I was very intentional about October. It is my favorite month of the year. It is so colorful and pretty and magical somehow. I decided I was going to love every single day of October for all it was worth. I did. At the end of the month I was pretty excited because it went well…really well my friends! November was a bit of a puzzle. For many, it is the grateful month…but I do that all year every day, so that wouldn’t be unusual. Then a friend posted a 30 day abs challenge. Aha! In the month that ends with a feast, I was going to focus on getting strong again! YESSSS!!! I took one look at that calendar and went to the end and wondered about my decision. I can’t possibly do all that! But, I did! I did it one day at a time and by day 15 I felt stronger. Somewhere near the end my daughter put her hand on my abs and said, “whoa, your muscles are hard!” Short back story here: all three of my children were born with 6 packs. I am not kidding. Really. When BB was 4, a friend was over and said, “look at that 6 pack!” He smiled and said, “they are mine.” Before this is all said and done, my abs just might match my kiddos! I wasn’t sure what would be next for December. The November challenge really helped me focus on health in general. Most all of my vices are gone. It feels good…really good. The December challenge posted was the little black dress challenge – more of a total body situation. I am on day 13 and it is going well so far. I have added Zumba once a week which is so fun! I toss hot yoga in when it works with the schedule. That feels dreamy!
My challenge, it seems, is that I need to focus on what really brings me joy and structure that for myself, or I just get lost noticing the minutia of each day. I have so many books that I would like to read. I started trying to read a chapter a day from two of them to create forward motion there as well. It feels a bit silly because I hate rules and have tos but I am learning that I need some of that to have what I desire within each day.
So there it is…I am all about challenges around here.
I guess it is a logical follow up to grateful.
If I realize all I’ve got, I better damn well find a way to leave it all on the field.
Look out:)

About attraversiamodarmaz

Midwestern girl who loves big city shopping (note - do not love high heels of any kind) * hate to say that first because I fancy myself a yoga chic too who is into feng shui and a minimalist life but it's just not all true!* I do forget to recycle* LOVE reading and music and most things crafty (the idea of them - very fickle and creative urges come and go faster than light or sound)* Grand chef and baker in my own mind and kitchen - love to mix and match recipes for a glorious new concoction* Gardening would be very successful - I have a flair but short attention span can cause casualties* True bliss is my home filled with three beautiful children (four on the weekends - an amazing Goddaughter)* did forget to feed the beautiful children lunch once when they were too small to remind me* can't find socks for all on some crazy mornings* I'm a learner who just can't help it...a writer in my head, and a college instructor for a half dozen classes a year* can't help my right brain optimism* been a foster mom* am a very grateful mom of adopted children* worst life moment: leaving the E.R. with an empty baby carrier* this is me...pretty much
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1 Response to Challenge!

  1. duffolks says:

    Look out!!!!!! 🙂 Love you, PammerAnne…you go, girl! ❤

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