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My Major Rockstar Hero Girl

I have a teenager now. 13 going on seriously awesome. We have moments of course… Mostly? Just so amazing. Awhile back she was talking to me about a writing assignment. She was to write about one of her heroes. Her … Continue reading

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Snuggled In

I have great expectations for 2014, but that doesn’t mean I need to race through each day like a madwoman. That madwoman racing has led me in strange directions I have come to realize. I journaled. I shoveled. I cooked. … Continue reading

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The Greatest Gift in the History of Ever

I was so excited this year that we raced home ahead of ice and snow to arrive safely for Christmas at Mom and Dad’s.  I know we would survive if weather or sickness kept us in KC, but I’m sure … Continue reading

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A fine, fine man…

The twinkle in his eyes gets brighter with each passing year. Watching and feeling his capacity for love just melts this girl’s heart. Never enough time to listen to his thoughts that run circles round my intellect in so many … Continue reading

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Perfect Attendance

Do you really need to be there, for roll call every day? Work or school? Is the award, the accomplishment, the dedication…a worthy pursuit? THIS teacher says without hesitation…nope. I’m certain my perspective was cemented with every shared birthday my … Continue reading

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Pretty Amazing Grace

unmerited favor… As I count my blessings, this concept strikes me quite often. When I am so frustrated that gritting my teeth is painful, the mantra “what they NEED, not what they DESERVE” gives me a window of breathing room.  … Continue reading

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No place like home. “And where do you consider home?”, she asked while admiring the sparkling ruby color at her feet.

Where is home to you? Where you grew up? Where you are now? Where ever the wind takes you? When I am just talking in a random, everyday sense…home is Kansas City. When I am speaking quite specifically, home is … Continue reading

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