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Regular Comedian

¬† Here is a funny joke to play on your family: Install a new screen door (or an old screen door that you fixed). Do not install a new door knob. This creates very interesting moments. It might even be … Continue reading

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Tenacious D

How many times are we going to do this? Really? This dance, you and I… I say go You say no I put you out You beat on the door I stand firm You make a racket Hear.me.now. Barry the … Continue reading

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I should have been more specific when I said I was ready to rock and roll this morning…

Many happy returns of the morning to you, blogosphere! (if only I could return a bit of this morning!) Darma Z here, checking in for my theraputic regurgitation of the morning activities so I can go on about my day … Continue reading

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It’s okay to say penis, but enough already…

So, I understand that boys love¬† their penis. Fascinating and all that…I try to be a supportive mom…no yelling that they will go to hell…or that’s wrong or bad or anything…I just say(about a zillion times a day) HELLO room … Continue reading

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