My Major Rockstar Hero Girl

I have a teenager now.
13 going on seriously awesome.
We have moments of course…
Mostly? Just so amazing.
Awhile back she was talking to me about a writing assignment. She was to write about one of her heroes. Her choices seemed a bit weak, frankly. I asked a few questions and she seemed a bit unsure. I said, “What about your brother?” She looked at me…and started thinking. She said, “oh my gosh! That is totally him!!! He IS a hero.”
Friends, I nearly cried. This bond my children have…it is not of me and special unto them and such a beautiful thing to witness. The love and connection makes me so happy for them. They will always have this.
Anyway, MC has come through so many struggles and life just feels pretty overwhelming for him on some days. She knows this. She walks with him through his storms…we all do. I forgot about the assignment. Until today…
CNN is the last one to get home. She went right to her bag and dug out a paper. She marched into MC’s room and this is what I heard:

What Makes A Person A Hero?
What makes a person a hero is when a person goes out of his or her way to meet others requests. A hero is a person who isn’t necessarily a brave person it is someone who is willing to give up their needs and wants for others. My hero is my brother MC. MC goes out of his way to make other people feel happy and included. He also goes out of his way to help me and my brother BB. MC is so helpful he helps me do chores and he also is very kind to my friends.
MC is 10 years old and I don’t think I have ever met anyone as nice as my brother. MC will have his moments of being grumpy just like anyone else would. MC is also very smart. He knows how to fix things like TVs, radios, and bikes. He also loves to clean when he is bored…he will clean. I think he is considered a hero because he is always looking for a way to cheer someone up or go above and beyond what he is expected to do to help others.
MC is also considered a hero because even if he is scared of something he doesn’t show it he just faces his fears. He also is very good with old people if they are having a really bad day he will put a smile on their face. He can make just about anybody’s day. He makes my day every day. MC powers through his tough days at school and comes home with a smile on his face.
If something gets lost, MC will keep looking for it until he finds it. One time I lost my earring and he found it. One time my dad trusted MC to help put in my earrings and he did and I didn’t feel a thing. MC never gives up. He goes out and helps my dad about every day on lawns and he earns money and then he gives the money he earns to me and my brother and we all split it. MC is so awesome. He loves to dance and sing. Sometimes when I am really angry he will just do something really funny or he will go out of his way to find a way to cheer me up.
MC always cheers me up. I love him so much. Anywhere MC is he is always helping someone or cheering someone up. One time my brother BB fell and hurt himself and MC who is 14 months older picked him up and carried him inside and gave him an ice pack. I walked in the door and MC was just sitting there with BB on the ground just waiting for him to get better. That is my definition of a hero. MC is a hard working kid. He is very strong and he is so friendly.
On Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, my birthday, or BB’s birthday he goes above and beyond just to make it perfect or just wonderful. MC loves to help people and I love it when he helps me because he is just so nice about it. He is really good with little kids. He loves to draw really neat and beautiful pictures for our family. He has a funny sense of humor. He will make a joke sound so stupid and that’s why it’s so funny.
MC is very organized for a boy. He organizes his room every day. He will put his shoes in order of how long he has had them. MC sometimes even makes my brother BB’s bed or my mom’s bed. Sometimes he makes my bed too. He is very bright. MC is my hero because he is willing to sacrifice so much just to meet someone else’s expectations…so they can be happy. MC is is the one person I can trust with all my heart to do the right thing.

You guys…I can’t even…there are just not enough words.
She didn’t talk to me about this at all.
She knows him so well. Can you imagine? To be known like this?? She shared things I didn’t even realize.
I walked into his room to take a picture. The look on his face as he was hearing his favorite person in the entire world sing his praises I will never forget. She gave him the greatest gift…every word told him, “I see you. I know you. I honor you. and oh my goodness do I ever love you.” What more do any of us want than that?
wow, baby girl…wow

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