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Conversations in the rear view mirror…

After BB and I picked up CNN and MC from school, we had a few stops to make.  It was rough at first.  MC can be pretty grouchy during the transition from school to home.  Having him snuggled between his … Continue reading

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Nature beware.

My track record with nature is really not so great.  I guess you could say animals, specifically.  Oh, sometimes I get it right.  More often than not, I have a swing and a miss though. When I was in college, … Continue reading

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Blind Faith

Things can sure get crazy around here. This dance the kids do…they each have this choreographed part.  They have written a part for me as well…their dad too.  Mr. Z is a bit more cooperative than I because he usually … Continue reading

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As the dust settles from such a fine day…

I was wondering why I was spending time on my silly video when the thoughts rolling around in my head were so very serious and inconclusive… I guess they needed to “stew” awhile longer… When my husband and I were … Continue reading

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Good thing I didn’t close the paper!

Reading the newspaper is a struggle for me… Sitting uninterrupted only happens at this time in the wee hours and there are just so many great things to choose from for my golden moments:)  Then, if I do choose to … Continue reading

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