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Go Mary

I might have a problem. I can’t seem to stop watching this video. Mary J. Blige is so very amazing. Her beauty. Her strength. Her grit. And the outfit?  Who couldn’t use a little number like that in the closet? … Continue reading

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Flippin Fabulous, DarmaZ

Normally, I really love my sunny disposition. Glass half full…rose colored glasses…always looking for that silver lining. When you CHOOSE your attitude, you are really indeed in charge of most anything that can come your way. BUT Have you ever … Continue reading

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Have you ever been in the zone? Totally rocking through a conversation… Words are flowing Hands are flying The SYNERGY!!! It is absolutely staggering until you happen to look into eyes… smiling amused patiently waiting for you to finish. oh.right.

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A Million Little Pieces

Have you ever had a moment, This string of moments That grew into a day And then a collection of days That were filled with such positive energy, experiences… That you wondered… If perhaps when you reached the apex Before … Continue reading

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Pretty Amazing Grace

unmerited favor… As I count my blessings, this concept strikes me quite often. When I am so frustrated that gritting my teeth is painful, the mantra “what they NEED, not what they DESERVE” gives me a window of breathing room.  … Continue reading

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The P word

I hate this word… Seemingly innocent enough… Cheerful, perky, yet segregating and a menace wrapped in a pretty bow. I recall so very long ago a lovely friend asking me quite earnestly to deconstruct the social strata for her, so … Continue reading

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Morning musings…or…Come hither Blue Canary

I woke up this morning with this song shouting in my head. Time to get started I guess;)

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Controlling chaos…

“All right, all right!!!!  I hear you all, clamoring at my door!  I look forward to a visit with each of you, but for now I will require your patience and cooperation.  If you would please find your way to my office in … Continue reading

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The Walk of Life

Peace, Love, and Craziness… That is what she said, and she is right. I love it when people put a big concept in a neat little container for me. I love neat little containers. 2010 is all about peace, love, … Continue reading

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