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Bless Your Heart

I tell you what…my child knows just what to say…just the words to make his mama’s heart soar.¬† He saw me working on this Which turned into this I was telling him about two different times in my life when … Continue reading

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End of week one!!!

It hasn’t been perfect, or beautiful, or pure genius, but by golly we are doing this thing! Day one we just did our journals, day two we did journals and reading to each other, and today we added math apps … Continue reading

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Time again…

I break rules quite often…when it makes sense anyway.¬† Not speeding¬†( well, not usually), certainly not littering, name calling is kept to a minimum, but the purpose of each type of social media seems a bit insignificant to me so … Continue reading

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We teach and guide and support and hope for the best… for success and happiness. Manners, concepts, songs, simple tasks… We teach many many things. Today, you taught me… the most beautiful lesson I might ever see you master… is … Continue reading

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Want to change the world?

This just came to me… It’s an easy thing really. Want to make a difference? Help a kid out? Build self esteem? Teach empathy? Here it is: Eliminate every situation EVER where we pick partners, groups, or teams. It is … Continue reading

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30 Mirrors

I have 30 mirrors in my home. This does include one in the garage, but it is hung. This does not include my creative inventory. I only realized this when we had our cleaning party last weekend. I was cleaning … Continue reading

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I’m Concerned

How often does a problem go unnoticed until it invades our personal world…our comfort zone? A lot I suppose. My world has been full of young people and urban education and democracy and social justice for many many years. This … Continue reading

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The Pantry

Ideas simmer and roll around in my head for a long time before they come to pass. What might look like an impulsive project explosion has actually already been finely executely from start to finish in my head many times … Continue reading

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The A Team is Hi to the Larious

MC was looking quite serious at a corner, so I inquired. He said he wasn’t mad or sad and he didn’t have any questions. I looked and waited and I am SO glad I did. Here is what he said: … Continue reading

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How to manage that mouth AND have fun!

This is good stuff, so lean in close, and you might want to bookmark this one for future reference. I feel really brilliant today. I might just have a parade in my honor…no kidding. I had an idea… and I … Continue reading

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