The Pantry

Ideas simmer and roll around in my head for a long time before they come to pass.
What might look like an impulsive project explosion has actually already been finely executely from start to finish in my head many times over.
Sometimes I look for ideas and think and don’t know what “finished” looks like until I get there.
This time, I have been thinking about my pantry and browsing on Pinterest and dreading the excavation required to even see the back of that space to overhaul it. It is a project with layers of purpose:
1. It was really gross and needed a fresh coat of paint.
2. The shelves were bare wood.
3. The remains of many organizational overhauls needed to be tended.
4. It feels like the hub of our home…if we can think through this space, the rest of the organization will follow from this place.
5. It needs to be arranged for children who are able to do much in the kitchen.
6. We need to think through what we nourish ourselves with…really (instead of grand plans waiting to expire).
7. From this place we live purposefully, aware and together.
8. I want it to be pretty, and blue, with lighting.
The end of the summer might not have been the best time…but I wonder if there is a good time to explode a pantry all over the kitchen and dining room and paint and add shelving and lighting and reorganize in an amazing way with my A Team. The time is now. We must. Another school year is upon us. If I wait, it will be BB’s graduation from high school and who wants to do all this with no comedians around? I told BB I MUST finish the pantry. He told me with his two fingers gestured from his eyes to mine, that he had his eyes on me if I thought about slacking off;)
So, with pantry all around me while the paint grudgingly dries…I am working on my pretty light fixture. It is just for us. Not many others will see it I imagine. Maybe that is another reason I want to do this…sharing my message for my comedians with actions…lighting up the dark corners of this world one little sparkle at a time.

About attraversiamodarmaz

Midwestern girl who loves big city shopping (note - do not love high heels of any kind) * hate to say that first because I fancy myself a yoga chic too who is into feng shui and a minimalist life but it's just not all true!* I do forget to recycle* LOVE reading and music and most things crafty (the idea of them - very fickle and creative urges come and go faster than light or sound)* Grand chef and baker in my own mind and kitchen - love to mix and match recipes for a glorious new concoction* Gardening would be very successful - I have a flair but short attention span can cause casualties* True bliss is my home filled with three beautiful children (four on the weekends - an amazing Goddaughter)* did forget to feed the beautiful children lunch once when they were too small to remind me* can't find socks for all on some crazy mornings* I'm a learner who just can't help it...a writer in my head, and a college instructor for a half dozen classes a year* can't help my right brain optimism* been a foster mom* am a very grateful mom of adopted children* worst life moment: leaving the E.R. with an empty baby carrier* this is me...pretty much
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