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New deal on day 70 of walking. I ended up walking alone, well mostly alone. I had my ears full of Kid Rock. Loud felt right. So loud as to eliminate thoughts loitering…not possible it seems. He was good company … Continue reading

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Beep beep

BB STILL comes and sneaks in my bed in the middle of the night.  There will be a day where I go without sleep and fight this battle of helping him right back to his bed… Last night was not … Continue reading

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A fine, fine man…

The twinkle in his eyes gets brighter with each passing year. Watching and feeling his capacity for love just melts this girl’s heart. Never enough time to listen to his thoughts that run circles round my intellect in so many … Continue reading

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I HATE waiting.             but I try to be patient I want to know NOW.            but I will live my way into the answer Hurry UP already.            but let us savor this moment Maybe you could tell me everything … Continue reading

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Boys and Their Toys…

Gah! Girls, I just must wonder… Why is it that we are not obsessed with our nether regions?  Yes, I can say the word vagina, I just really hate that word…sort of like perpendicular…I don’t like the way that one … Continue reading

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Sheer Brilliance, DarmaZ

It is a rare moment that I render myself speechless. I like to talk. I’ve just done it though… Have you had this moment in time, where you stop, rewind what you just said, and think, “Really?  Did that REALLY … Continue reading

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