Good thing I didn’t close the paper!

Reading the newspaper is a struggle for me…

Sitting uninterrupted only happens at this time in the wee hours and there are just so many great things to choose from for my golden moments:)  Then, if I do choose to take a peek and perhaps leave some for later, someone ends up whapping someone else with left paper.  Finally, when I read the paper I hear about much serious lack of impulse control…teen kills mom and brothers…teen killed in domestic violence…and on and on… sometimes I find that one of my former students is the victim or even the perpetrator…

 Today I was about to close the paper(not today’s paper…the Sunday paper- I’m a little behind), but I am SO GLAD I didn’t, because you know who I found reader?  I found Sister Berta and Operation Breakthrough tucked in the pages of the Local section like a little gift just waiting to be enjoyed.  Her message might be hard for some to hear and read, but not me…her words bring memories of joy and warmth and feelings of hope.  She is one of the co-founders of Operation Breakthrough and just an amazing renegade nun who has adopted several children and is going strong in her 70s I believe…supporting an organization that serves over 600 children and families every day.  She was on a panel and spoke in front of Michelle Obama when she was in town, and after President Elect Obama won the election, Michelle called Sister Berta and invited her to lunch at the White House!  She talked about how you could live your life in Kansas City and never see children in poverty…she suggests that if you look for someone/s who need you, your time and effort will be so very evident.

If you google it, you can find their webpage and see what’s going on and what you can do.  They have a lot of grants, MANY supporters, and just what they need usually has a way of finding their door.  What I didn’t see when I was there visiting on two separate occasions, was a lobby packed with volunteers waiting to spend time with a child…just one child to hug on and read to and play with…don’t get me wrong…they have SO MANY volunteers.  I just wish that they had this huge problem with the line of people and coordinating all the individuals who just want to give their time each week for an hour hugging on a child who’s soul can so easily be fed.  If little kids freak you out, or work hours are frustrating…they also have an afterschool program for kids that I understand is quite overcrowded and underfunded.  Some time there would be amazing as well.  They are located on Troost North of Linwood(Costco street) I believe.  It is such a beautiful place.  The first time I went I was so taken with the photos of the children on the walls…I was sad that I was visiting by the baby rooms at lunchtime because it was clear visitors for snuggling would be a burden and an unwelcome interruption…ah well, maybe next time…and the next time I got to go out on the playground and this cute little girl grabbed my hand and shook her beads in the direction we were supposed to start walking and so we went!  It was a blast and so many of their teachers just dig what they do!  If you’re not a kid person at all, go take some surprise to the teachers and tell them how they rock!  The best thing anyone ever did for me while I was in the classroom was surprise me midday with a Starbuck’s latte – it was awesome!  I wonder if a school has ever had a chair massousse in the teacher’s lounge for a day…that would be cool…any of you certified??? 

Funny, the power of a random act of kindness – I guess I might be stuck here because I received an incredibly thoughtful package in the mail yesterday that just took my breath away…ANYHOO!

More craziness to come, I assure you…when Sister Berta showed up in front of me I just had to share her and Operation Breakthrough with you…

Time to wake up the crew, so peace will temporarily be out and and partially clothed child chasing shall commence!

Let the games begin!


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4 Responses to Good thing I didn’t close the paper!

  1. Jill says:

    I can’t believe you posted this! I haven’t read the article yet, but yesterday she was featured on one of the morning NPR programs…um…not the Walt Bodine show, but the one that comes on after that. Up to Date. Yep, that’s it. 🙂 Anyway, I was so incredibly inspired after listening. Matt heard it, too, and we want to get involved somehow. I was duly impressed.
    Thanks for sharing!!

    • attraversiamodarmaz says:

      talk about great timing! She is SO UNBELIEVABLY COOL! A good beginning might be calling and asking for a tour…it’s really interesting and they love showing off their beautiful facility and all that they do for their families. Once you’ve been there, you can decide where you all fit in to the beautiful magic called Operation Breakthrough:) This is a very exciting time coming up on the horizon…Obama really believes in this project called the Harlem Kids Zone I believe (it is all about teaching people how to be better parents regardless of what you have – for example – if the only thing that changes in your life is that you read to your child every night, do you realize the statistical sway in your child’s favor, etc…very positive results) and as soon as he was elected Operation Breakthrough had their letters all ready to go – they want to be one of the 20 sites Obama said he wanted to have…I bet they have a really good chance. Maybe they need a supportive Doula to talk with mother’s on their pending delivery:) I love how things line up just as they should!

      • attraversiamodarmaz says:

        you could probably set yourself up as a not for profit business and donate consulting hours to them for quite a tax benefit:)

      • attraversiamodarmaz says:

        strike that – this is already your business, still could donate consultation hours for tax write off I think

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