Good Work Feeds My Soul

This is the logo for my latest adventure. It is really more like going public with a lifelong adventure, but there it is, none the less.

I figured out that for me, painting, creating, playing, MAKING in one way or another is far more relaxing than a counseling session, a massage, a mani/pedi, or even a shopping spree. It helps me breathe. There is space between my thoughts again when I dump some of the ideas out that are stomping their feet as they wait in line.

First, it was for gifts, for fun, for me, for here. Then it was for friends. Finally, the piles waiting were getting to be a bit much, and I happened upon the most wonderful boutique (Encore, in Shawnee, Kansas) where I am able to sell my creations/discoveries! It is a beautiful thing! I was a bit tentative about “going public” with my stuff. It got easier I guess. I even created a Facebook page and it is really quite a lot of fun!

I make a variety of things.

On this family day it seems only fitting that I share my thing about dining room tables. Perhaps kitchen tables count as well. There is something special about bringing them back to life. As I work on them, I imagine all the nice family time spent around that table, or maybe even tears shed there…head in hands. Whether it is color or stain, sanding or polish…I fill the table with wishes and hopes for many many gatherings full of love and happiness.

I guess that is a little silly.

But there it is, all the same:)

About attraversiamodarmaz

Midwestern girl who loves big city shopping (note - do not love high heels of any kind) * hate to say that first because I fancy myself a yoga chic too who is into feng shui and a minimalist life but it's just not all true!* I do forget to recycle* LOVE reading and music and most things crafty (the idea of them - very fickle and creative urges come and go faster than light or sound)* Grand chef and baker in my own mind and kitchen - love to mix and match recipes for a glorious new concoction* Gardening would be very successful - I have a flair but short attention span can cause casualties* True bliss is my home filled with three beautiful children (four on the weekends - an amazing Goddaughter)* did forget to feed the beautiful children lunch once when they were too small to remind me* can't find socks for all on some crazy mornings* I'm a learner who just can't help it...a writer in my head, and a college instructor for a half dozen classes a year* can't help my right brain optimism* been a foster mom* am a very grateful mom of adopted children* worst life moment: leaving the E.R. with an empty baby carrier* this is me...pretty much
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