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The Bless You Philosophy

Without fail, EVERY time, when I should sneeze, when ANYONE should sneeze, ALL of my children say bless you…sometimes multiple times.  This courtesy is a steadfast rule to them.  ALWAYS.  I did not teach this rule.  I don’t believe we’ve … Continue reading

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Thoughts for the day…

1. New Moon= holy mmmmm 2. Did you know you could zumba on a treadmill (in the privacy of your own home of course)? 3. Messing with my kitchen is a bad idea, Mr. Z. 4. I wonder if I … Continue reading

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Oh Neil! Such a way with words!

Who doesn’t love this? Wish you a very merry, cherry cherry Christmas and a holly holy holiday, too. Underneath your tree may there always be sounds of harmony, not a song sung blue. Just a very merry, cherry cherry Christmas. … Continue reading

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